sure this is a dialogue
a conversation as robust as residual trace semen slapped on a wall by an elated cumpony fuckboi with shoddy aim
after rhythmically pulling out upon ejaculation
less human
but wholely human
but i guess all of our standards lower after we make such crass domestic leaps
depreciating the shared values all mutual contributions

They Will Kill You Because They Can

they load up their #weapons & assertion 2 march in ur #bedroom @ nite 2 will kill u in ur sleep
because they can
without #consequence or #accountability


1 beat 4 each movement
4 each moment
4 each fallacy
4 each grace

Supple & Nubile

a wet hole is how our predators saw us
we were a buffet of prey


There could be an encyclopedia written about you & I would still not assume anything.

Modification (I Slut Up My Hair)

modification healing & leaking undiluted self i slut up my hair everyone will like us especially at this orgy i slut up my hair no 1 is like us y is so much semen slapped on the wall slut my hair


oscillate tempered unevenly whatever palpitate an unmeasured variable distension bridged whatever inflect modulate balance attune whatever come 2 prove whatever

The Disco Healer

ur damaged fragmented & misinformed u need 2 be healed u r reconfigured now u r defragmented disco