Predators Make Dead Things

late evening a violent predator molested a songbird leaving cuts of lark scattered upon load-bearing branches agitated in2 giving way staining the child trounced lawn below painting future moments of disillusion & trauma prey remade in2 a new legacy in blood & the carved remains as a personification of death 2 b carried well in2 adulthood a mourned morning a 1st visit with mortality 1 to squint eyes & shake heads with a learning demonstration of food chain vampirism 1 that exists outside of prepared meals & fast food playlands stricken blank unable 2 respond depositing a permanent cinematic vision a slacks sporting dad kicking dead things curbside swearing about the inconvenience making the life lost as trivial as a false fire alarm while cooking none of this is of concern 2 predators

A Load-Bearing Shaft

here is baby
he was promiscuously dangling the thought he is a little load-bearing ingenue


unshare history
delete cache
reconfigure self

The Artifacts of Being Watched

there r eyes like cotton swabs in the night sounds revealing day
scurrying amidst the clatter of motion pictures scored with cello solos
heads aloft soft pillows wishing sweet dreams 2 children of our past
prop thoughts 2 serve as all-spice on 6 of the 7-courses with featured entrees
feasts of us r the simple feedings
our time is running out
inspired 2 unravel
looking @ the horizon for the first sign of light
baggage settled curb-side
hoping the innocence leaving returns upon departure
depleted from an unknown origin
but salvageable
& i would like to accommodate it


autocratic automaton compress / decompress contrasting & expansive data packets reconfiguring self unshare history delete cache unhide reconfigure self


sycophants > participants
participants r sycophants
sycophants r participants
participants > sycophants

Peace of Pretty

calm seeking calm
the most beautiful calm
we r not like them
we tried

Central Depression

my head splits open & the central depression alleviated its pressures
i found some of the roots & mainstays
the causes the creases
& the room temperature catalogued portions of my brain
the feeling as though i’ve been collecting the refuse of a sample-sized lifestyle
here there and there

Low Birth Weight

sycophant — participant
the little neophyte dressed in his certainty of absolute uniqueness
his pride of place
an unapologetic polluter of environments & habitats
dumping diffused self-quantifiable self-importance
the first passage

participant — sycophant
his unpasteurized loosely wired mind wrought with the affectations of ignorance
& the binaries of all his learned caucasian male protagonist roles
the first bow

sycophant — participant
lolled in conceits of future contentment & comforts formed from formlessness
a natural occurrence
only the slightest agitation is required

participant — sycophant
here is baby
he was promiscuously dangling the thought he is a little load-bearing ingenue


this is the bow
this is the passage
a primary alchemy
a primary autarchy
the 1st destruction


a neophyte little nihilist
competing completely complete
with a newly depleted fleet of alpha-boy smile
so nu-end_ordovician