U R Math

u were math
u were a binary spread on 2 systems of loose associations with an unreconciled past

Forensic Pragmatism

a crime scene of mindfulness
the boi left it all behind

We Play Like Downtown

we play like downtown
violently asserting our privilege
defending it absolute

Divorced (Irreconcilable Differences)

this piecemeal self
stupidly saw u as complete
rendered real likely caused defeat

Posthuman Dysphasia

there could b an encyclopedia written about u and I would still not assume anything


dont let them see/hear/feel me like this

Impervious 2 Fault Inside this Kingdom

perfection is nested within these walls
u will find no fault in any cavity
every opportunity is agape


close ur eyes untie ur thoughts separate ur current anxieties from the stillness u know u r capable of inhale deeply breathe in the stink of fall warmth kicking summer heat from the champ’s chair this should not feel like a pushed button but it does it’s a floorboard rusted nail in ur pincushion face it is ur way 2 violence a singular passage in2 the relentless flash-floods of violations u survived dwelling as cuts penetrating each layer of ur composure all paths lead 2 this u think the straightest line makes it all b over faster there r not these r the ways big thumbs dig in2 ur head peel back holes making wells free of obstructions 4 those hands 2 pull damage 4ward burying fingers past the thumbs 1st impression in ur calm a calm that was urs b4 being forced 2 surface a u that fully rediscovers u a self-constructed u with designs 2 force u out the real u the victim 1 in search of just retaliation that stays in its home within the socially tangible u u need 2 nourish this self feed it the requirements 2 actualize all of ur destructively manic facets 2 let all of u come out

Socially Distant Futures

our integrity bled out on the battlefield
then it was drowned in ejaculate
stay away from me


sure this is a dialogue a conversation as robust as residual trace semen slapped on a wall by an elated cumpony fuckboi with shoddy aim after rhythmically pulling out upon ejaculation less human but wholely human but i guess all of our standards lower after we make such crass domestic leaps depreciating the shared values all mutual contributions

They Will Kill U Because They Can

they load up their weapons & assertion 2 march in ur bedroom @ nite & will kill u because they can do it without consequence or accountability

Posthuman Aphasia

1 beat 4 each movement 4 each moment 4 each fallacy 4 each grace

iii. posthuman

iii. posthuman is a collection of visual & aural works created between 2006 & 2021.