close ur eyes
untie ur thoughts

coming april. 25. 2023


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close ur eyes

untie ur thoughts

separate ur current anxieties from the stillness u know u r capable of

inhale deeply

breathe in the stink of fall warmth kicking summer heat from the champ’s chair

this should not feel like a pushed button

but it does

it’s a floorboard rusted nail in ur pincushion face

it is ur way 2 violence

a singular passage in2 the relentless flash-floods of violations u survived

dwelling as cuts penetrating each layer of ur composure

all paths lead 2 this

u think the straightest line makes it all b over faster

there r not

these r the ways big thumbs dig in2 ur head

burying fingers past the thumbs 1st impression in ur calm

a calm that was urs b4 being forced 2 surface

a u that fully rediscovers u

a self-constructed u with designs 2 force u out

the real u

the victim

1 in search of just retaliation that stays in its home within the socially tangible u

u need 2 nourish this self

feed it the requirements 2 actualize all of ur destructively manic facets

2 let all of u come out