1 who fears dislikes
or hates

postmodernism & /or

our data is divorced from us
tired from neglect & exposure
we were sycamores dead dropping samaras on empty streets
until little fingers probed
deep diving & pulling our discards apart
making a sick allure discord in major tones
our data is estranged
multiplied reapplied a remarrying kind
a piecemeal
we stupidly saw us complete
rendered real likely our defeat
we r beat

we r



we r desperate machines

of the 5 figures
we were meant 4
something else

no likes us
everyone will remember this

here / hear

i am fig. v
hear me full

here / hear

The Ignorant Thrive Amongst the Timid

the gospel

seeded in our own cinematic
world & /or universe

the hymn

another preformative penance
Amoral atonement &
Hollow Acts of Contrition

the prayer

project strength

leak weakness

buy me daddy

buy / bye / by

buy me please daddy

buy / by / bye

no daddy buy me

by / buy / bye

daddy buy me please

bye / by / buy

this tension
is unresolved

The Shepherd

all of my
all of ur
all of their
all stories will begin
the same

all stories begin

more bandwidth & less limitations
i am an amalgam of expected & surprising recollections
delivered in faster than realtime speeds
faster than realtime pumping life lived
more than perceived in its fragmented entirety

i don’t c life anymore
i c the earmarks of an uncompressed source playing out
the lack of interface is an indication of what & how
when is there is only rudimentary navigation points between
the us compression of projection that r inflections in ur syntax
fragmentation of projections in2 packets
packets of the places
the things & people
the fundamental elements of control r there
an initiative
a motivation & a hierarchy of details
arranged by prominence not pleasure
the people r compressed
squeezed down in2 the essentials unpacking
the moments only needed 2 c them as they were
r & will b
with those heavily featured packet compressed details wound in as tightly as possible
like our algorithm
it is densely trafficked but still easy 2 c
& easy 2 recall my fascinations with them
decompress big love swells lossless & fills u unfurling
they r like a flash flood
they r like a flash flood
they r like a flash flood
they r like a flash flood

celebrate the failure of urself

no one is left
everyone is fake

4 figures


here / hear

hear me now

i am fig. iv
we r soldiers of self doubt

enter into
enter into our


of glory

3 figures emerge

everyone like us
no one will leave us alone

here / hear

here / hear

hear me full
we r / i am
fig. iii
machinations manipulations
modifications & modulations


u bought money
money u bought fake safe spaces
u wrote in ur name
painted in ur own false face


i am a disproportionate figure

u r math

my head size dictates a logic-driven mentality
my smaller body depicts a weak physical presence

i kill boys

my features can b categorized into 2 parts faceless and anonymous

faceless & anonymous


pay attention to
me now pleaseIt also makes u feel like u didn’t fail
& that u have absolutely nothing 2 ever regret
there r only pieces of everything else & it all happens with a kind of boundless velocity

ur friend

Postmortem Dysphasia

sincerely urs

The Little Rabbit



of the damned





Posthuman Aphasia



u r a qt

u look good 2

i slut up

my hair

2 figures appear

i slut up my hair for the little rabbit
we can only imagine power
reprocessing healing and bleeding self
the orgy of the damned

no one is like us
everyone will like us

here / hear

hear me full
i am fig. ii

here / hear

buy me daddy

buy / bye / by / bi

no daddy buy me

by / buy / bi / bye

buy me please daddy

buy / by / bi / bye

no daddy buy me

by / buy / bye / bi

daddy buy me please

bi / bye / by / buy

there r eyes like cotton swabs in the night sounds revealing day
scurrying amidst the clatter of motion pictures scored with cello solos

low birth weigh

heads aloft soft pillows
wishing sweet dreams 2 children of our past
more prop thoughts 2 serve as all-spice on 6 of the 7-courses
with featured entrees
feasts of us r the simple feedings
our time is running out

the perforated

inspired 2 unravelled
looking @ the horizon for the first sign of light
baggage settled curb-side
hoping the innocence leaving returns upon departure
depleted from an unknown origin
but salvageable
& i would like to accommodate it

peace of pretty

my head splits open & the



allieviated its


i found some of the roots & mainstays
the causes the creases & the room temperature catalogued portions of my brain
the feeling as though i have been collecting the refuse of a sample-sized lifestyle
here there and there

central depression

1 figure
Feast of us feeding simple feelings

no one will like us
everyone will like us gone

here / hear

hear me full
i am fig. i
authenticating self

here / hear

No 1 is left 2 inform u about u
no 1 can tell u about urself
all ur friendships r dead

we were meant 4 something else

hideous choral


1 who fears dislikes
or hates

postmodernism & /or


1 who is brd(y)
1 who is benjamin

1 who is influenced by
postmodernism & /or
1 who is a postmodernist