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Fig. IV: Undistributed Self

no 1 likes 2 need any1 every1 likes being needed

Supple & Nubile

a wet hole is how our predators saw us we were a buffet

Faceless & Anonymous

i am a disproportionate figure my head size indicates a logic-driven mentality my smaller body depicts a weak physical presence my features can be categorized into two parts faceless & anonymous

They Will Kill U Because They Can

they load up their weapons & assertion 2 march in ur bedroom @ nite & will kill u because they can do it without consequence or accountability

Posthuman Dysphasia

There could b an encyclopedia written about u and I would still not assume anything — Posthuman Dysphasia by POMOPHOBE

Postcoital Dysplasia

my identity bled out on the battlefield it drowned in ejaculate and smegma

Fig. III: Posthuman Self

every1 like us no 1 will leave us alone

Posthuman Aphasia

1 beat 4 each movement 4 each moment 4 each fallacy 4 each grace

Thump your pelvis (MMXX: Vol. 8)

Okay, close your eyes, now imagine your hot little pubis, thrusting forward, back and now gyrate, rotate. Good, picture your pelvis lubricated in the sweat awe of its motions synchronous to a downbeat that recalls those puberty visions you had when you were first discovering your genitals. Go back to the moment you first ejaculated and put the nostalgia of orgasm into each step of every beat that moves you. That is precisely why this mix exists, to remind you of the cum-confused little you in awe of yourself and your body, how it can move and respond to new pleasures.

Eclectic Rock for Weirdos Like Me (MMXX: Vol. 7)

Have you ever wanted a playlist that included a bunch of weird songs about rolling on the ground like a potato, songs about fisting and songs about overcoming your own fragmented environments and predilections towards pain? Well holy heck, here’s your mix you Impervious Candy-Ass Heathen you.

A Load-Bearing Shaft

here is baby he was promiscuously dangling the thought he is a little load-bearing ingenue


autocratic automaton compress / decompress contrasting & expansive data packets reconfiguring self unshare history delete cache unhide reconfigure self


unshare history delete cache unhide reconfigure self

Fig. I: Authenticating Self

this is the bow this is the passage this is the primary alchemy no 1 will like us every1 likes us gone

The Artifacts of Being Watched

there r eyes like cotton swabs in the night sounds revealing day scurrying amidst the clatter of motion pictures scored with cello solos heads aloft soft pillows wishing sweet dreams 2 children of our past prop thoughts 2 serve as all-spice on 6 of the 7-courses with featured entrees feasts of us r the simple feedings our time is running out inspired 2 unravelled looking @ the horizon for the first sign of light baggage settled curb-side hoping the innocence leaving returns upon departure depleted from an unknown origin but salvageable & i would like to accommodate it

Artful Ballads to Help Us All Cry Ourselves to Sleep (MMXX: Vol. 5)

We’re living in difficult extremely times. Some of us like music that mirrors the climate. We reject the apathy of pop, because our escapism is in not escaping, but living within the mood.


sycophants r participants & participants r sycophants

Peace of Pretty

trying to find calm its the most beautiful calm

Central Depression

my head splits open & the central depression alleviated its pressures i found some of the roots & mainstays the causes the creases & the room temperature catalogued portions of my brain the feeling as though i have been collecting the refuse of a sample-sized lifestyle here there and there — Central Depression by POMOPHOBE

Low Birth Weight

young dumb and cannot pull out

Obsessed, Pervy & Creeper Songs (MMXX: Vol. 4)

These are songs about love that are intended to be soulful ballads, pledging undying fealty or are about loss. However, they’re either pervy, creepy or they’re about troubling obsessions.

More 90's Alternative Fetishism (MMXX: Vol. 3)

More 90’s Alternative, because, to paraphrase Billy Corgan, “we’re all wallowing in the same mud.”

The Apocalypso Disco (MMXX: Vol. 2)

It’s the Apocalypso! Apocal-disco, we’re all doing it.
This is Fine

Vapid and Drug-Addled Hair Metal (MMXX Vol. 1)

Think of this mix entitled, “Vapid & Drug-Addled Hair Metal” like it’s a montage in a documentary about the excess of the 80’s Hard Rock and Metal music scene. Or, like a portrait of a tupperware full of cocaine.

Fig. II: Manipulated Self

reconfig_self-2.ur specifications sums_of_us.r-new-2.this new_4.this sum_of_us-r.remade < >

Modification (I Slut Up My Hair)

modification healing & leaking undiluted self i slut up my hair everyone will like us especially at this orgy i slut up my hair no 1 is like us y is so much semen slapped on the wall slut my hair


oscillate tempered unevenly whatever palpitate unmeasured variable distension bridged whatever inflect modulate balance attune whatever come 2 prove whatever

Predators Make Dead Things

late evening a violent predator molested a songbird leaving cuts of lark scattered upon load-bearing branches agitated in2 giving way staining the child trounced lawn below painting future moments of disillusion & trauma prey remade in2 a new legacy in blood & the carved remains as a personification of death 2 b carried well in2 adulthood a mourned morning a 1st visit with mortality 1 to squint eyes & shake heads with a learning demonstration of food chain vampirism 1 that exists outside of prepared meals & fast food playlands stricken blank unable 2 respond depositing a permanent cinematic vision a slacks sporting dad kicking dead things curbside swearing about the inconvenience making the life lost as trivial as a false fire alarm while cooking none of this is of concern 2 predators

The Disco Healer

ur damaged fragmented & misinformed u need 2 be healed u r reconfigured now u r defragmented disco

Machination (The Little Rabbit)

once in a city of hope & complacency a little rabbit thot it would develop its own agency rabbit borrowed out a little hole of its own started making pretty things that people bought & took home rabbit started 2 buy in2 this feeling allowing its arrogance 2 drip from floor 2 ceiling

Imagine Power

shortened breaths murmurs & the euphoria in his smile defeat my protagonist his azure blue & conquest green eyes overpower my white flags i posture defensively this is terminal for me but 4 him His glow is effervescent his expression is vacant blank with a cocksure glow on me splintering contentment across his face i posture aggressively i am passive & flaccid all the glistening stabs of wetness absorb in2 the milky pink quilt of discolourations ganging around my eyes imagine peace

Hideous Choral

u r a catalogue photo moment sitting next 2 a campfire u r experiencing sustained & efficacious existential dread hideous u r a stock image of contentment u r fragmented this is mania u r not who u thot u were going 2 b u set ur bar 2 low & now u r exceeding ur own expectations choral


.learn { load: process; position: fluid; reconfig: now; submit :will; } .deflect { self: importance; action: failure; loss: accountability; concede: submit; } .reprocess { stagnate: self; state: manic; undo: choices; surrender: capitulation; }

Manipulators (Orgy of the Damned)

boys of summer summon sums of boy typical sums of imprinted boy tyranny manipulated pattern propagation of boy the holistic sum tyranny of boy boy tyranny makes victims manipulating boy has lost interest in tyranny boy has lost interest in imprinted boy boy will not b boy manipulator