Cocksure Bloodlust & Dank Sex Appeal (MMXXII. Vol. 1)

Throwing babies out with the bathwater is so MMXXI. This is the future present tense, bloated with tension. The MMXXII for you and me.

Feast 4 Ur 2 Human Ears (MMXXI. Vol. 2)

This is a meal carefully prepared for your ears, so sit at our table & feast, feast, feast.

Thirsty Foundations (MMXXI: Vol. 1)

Collect yourself, it’s 2021, you’ve been indoors for most of the year, humping pillows and hand fucking yourself into an enraged coma. You’re thirsty, you’re tired and you’re wondering how to vanquish the ignorant who deny science and think a vaccine is a bad thing. Well, here’s a mixtape for you.