This is an abstracted biographical interdisciplinary narrative about how we learn, unlearn and re-learn throughout different stages in our lives by Benjamin Dickerson.

It was in studying Individuation that I started to see parallels between it and stages of mass extinction events. Not physical acts of destruction, but in thinking about your life and experiences, relating it to stages of evolution. Your person, or self, becomes the habitat, or world, in which you existed within for a time. As you develop, you are moving through different periods, you devastate previous selves, and new selves are given form through the formlessness from the destruction of those previous selves. I found I could use primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary laws of evolution as avatars to represent Jung’s four functions across stages in the Process of Individuation within the narrative of these self-extinction events.

So, this is a holistic and abstract biographical study of self. It is infinite, in that, it is never really finished. In this form, as five “self-extinctions,” that I am exploring this narrative. Storytelling through images, artwork, writings, films and music I created or was influenced by in these individual eras.

It is dirty, fragmented, and it is ridiculous because it’s me.