I love you
so much

iii. xii
u r math
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u were math
u were a binary spread on 2 systems of loose associations with an unreconciled past
u r the primary brush fires being clearcut of the prior lifestyles of some1 who may have once been important 2 some1 else
these r the same correlations often triggered by recollections of pop songs
a song opening ur memories like a time capsule
only it is ur brain transmitting signals of familiarity from the recesses where the primary u is actively stored

u r the stems of a secondary wave of fire that has openly consumed much of every previous self
1 that grew into the 1st partner
the 1st lover
the 1st friend
scorned & reborn in2 a 2nd self
from the bottom of old cavern & asked 2 move closer 2 autonomy on ur unsteady new legs

u r nihilism now
tearing down 2 rebuild ur fresh world apart from the ideologies of all previous selves
a self-powered machine prepared 2 reject all unwarranted criticisms

u r now a thread-bound bible about eschewing established routines & vices
ending primary & second selves 2 bring forward a tertiary brush fire
u r a new math
a realized actualization
actualizing the factual remains of the memorabilia that was u
& ur sex treated like TV tropes motivating a hierarchy of self-development
u r math
older than u remember
alone & with people of every actual past acting on a path without u

u r a service 2 disembody the acknowledgement of who u were
2 become what you can
as the image of ur present